Zdeněk Trnka

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Dear musical friends,
We invite all music listeners for concert JUBILEE CONCERT TO ZDENĚK TRNKA´S 90.BIRTHDAY. This time you hear chamber music primarily from an earlier period of the artist's creation. Major acting will be Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, orchestrate will young conductor Mark Štilec. Like a guest arrives outstanding Polish pianist, who lives and works in Colorado at the University of Northern Colorado Adam Zukiewicz. Another lovely guest will be Vojtěch Jouza, oboist of the Czech Philharmonic.
Morning appearances will be open to schools from 11:00 pm, an evening concert for the public. The concert is the fourth premiere concert presenting the beautiful and extensive music of Zdenek Trnka. The last successful concert was the concert "Songs & Poems Zdenek Trnka Jaroslav Seifert." Let's be proud of this composer and wish him good health and  its abundant attendance at the concert.


Project Concerts “Songs by Zdeněk Trnka & Poems by Jaroslav Seifert’’

We would like to organize music concerts with the music by Zdeněk Trnka in the Czech Republic. The music composed for the poems of Czech writer, Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature, Jaroslav Seifert, whom he knew personally, will make the teaching at schools and universities more interesting. The concerts will show that the master’s generation can have a friendly relationship with the young people, as was proven by the friendship of Jaroslav Seifert and a generation-younger Zdeněk Trnka, then a student. Songs by Zdeněk Trnka for the poems of Jaroslav Seifert will be played at the concerts for elementary school, high school, university students and wide public. We would also like to release a CD called “Songs by Zdeněk Trnka & Poems by Jaroslav Seifert” for educational purposes.

Gabriela Jelínková, a renowned soprano, expressed her interest to sing the songs.  Jaroslav Dvorsky´s voice will go well with Seifert’s poems.

This untraditional connection of poems and songs will surely become known internationally.

For this project, we are fundraising, looking for sponsors and partners.

Concert date is 25 September 2013 in The Community Centre UFFO in Trutnov city.


Project Book

The book will contain the life stories of the music composer and describe the friendship of a student and a master between Zdeněk Trnka and Jaroslav Seifert. It will also include the poems by Jaroslav Seifert and their interpretations by Zdeněk Trnka. The author will be Karin Venhauer, the illustrator Gabriela Venhauer, memory and author’s proofreading by Zdeněk Trnka at the cooperation of Jana Ptáčníková.


More information about this music composer can be found, in Czech for now at:http://www.zdenektrnka.cz, we would like to provide English translation in the future.


Main initiators of the projects are: Karin Venhauer, Zdeňek Trnka, Jana Ptáčníková with family.

Zdeněk Trnka concerts abroat

We would like to organize concerts in the Czech Republic, Canada, Japan, Poland and include students and young performers from abroad. For now, we are negotiating cooperation of the Tokyo College of Music in Japan and Musical Arts Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music. Young and famous pianist Adam Zukiewicz from the prestigious university in Toronto promised to participate. Currently, we are negotiating with vice president Shohei Nomoto from Tokyo College of Music in Japan.

For this project, we are also fundraising, looking for sponsors, partners and others. We would also like to release a CD as part of this project.

If we find sufficient funds and support with foundations, sponsors, partners, we plan the execution for October/November 2013 or April/May 2014.


Some compositions of Zdeněk Trnka are currently in Tokyo College of Music in Japan, in Musical Arts Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music and in King´s College School in Wimbledon in London in the musical departments.