Zdeněk Trnka

Hudební skladatel

Project Book

The book will contain the life stories of the music composer and describe the friendship of a student and a master between Zdeněk Trnka and Jaroslav Seifert. It will also include the poems by Jaroslav Seifert and their interpretations by Zdeněk Trnka. The author will be Karin Venhauer, the illustrator Gabriela Venhauer, memory and author’s proofreading by Zdeněk Trnka at the cooperation of Jana Ptáčníková.


More information about this music composer can be found, in Czech for now at:http://www.zdenektrnka.cz, we would like to provide English translation in the future.


Main initiators of the projects are: Karin Venhauer, Zdeňek Trnka, Jana Ptáčníková with family.