Zdeněk Trnka

Hudební skladatel


Dear musical friends,
We invite all music listeners for concert JUBILEE CONCERT TO ZDENĚK TRNKA´S 90.BIRTHDAY. This time you hear chamber music primarily from an earlier period of the artist's creation. Major acting will be Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, orchestrate will young conductor Mark Štilec. Like a guest arrives outstanding Polish pianist, who lives and works in Colorado at the University of Northern Colorado Adam Zukiewicz. Another lovely guest will be Vojtěch Jouza, oboist of the Czech Philharmonic.
Morning appearances will be open to schools from 11:00 pm, an evening concert for the public. The concert is the fourth premiere concert presenting the beautiful and extensive music of Zdenek Trnka. The last successful concert was the concert "Songs & Poems Zdenek Trnka Jaroslav Seifert." Let's be proud of this composer and wish him good health and  its abundant attendance at the concert.